The dedication, skill and determination of our team will have an enormous impact on your business when you are in critical need. How we reduce downtime on trade through fast and efficient IT solutions will be an invaluable asset to the franchisor or franchisee. Rapid response equals greater efficiency which equals greater sales productivity resulting in more cash flow for your brand.

Account Management Australia will effectively manage your franchise network and ensure that trade is continuously maximised through a working telco solution. We are a company that is pro-active as well as reactive.

Account Management Australia will be able to:

    • Be knowledgeable to address and handle billing or fault disputes
    • Resolve obstacles and provide solutions independently without having to depend on Network providers’ intervention. Network Providers have set protocols that require strict adherence which may cause further delay in resolving your faults or billing matters fixed within your acceptable timeframe.
    • Account Management Australia will always put your business interests first. We act on your behalf to investigate and resolve all your utility requirements. We will provide you with the best rates guaranteed against what’s available in the market place.

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